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Submit Your Testimonial
“Robert Lucas is a rare find. Not only is he a talented stylist and colorist, but he is a true professional and business man. As a client for over 20 years, I have seen how his unrelenting standards translate into beautiful hair styles for his clients. He listens to his clients’ requests and gives realistic recommendations. His styles garner constant compliments, but it’s the subtlety of his color that is the most amazing part of his work. My color is natural and the highlights are fantastic!”
Pat Richards, Chicago, IL
“Robert is the only person I trust to color my hair as I get ready to compete for Miss USA. I have been Robert’s client for seven years and I have always left loving my hair. I grew up in Southern Indiana and now live in Nashville but I always make the trip to Chicago to see Robert.”
Jamie Stallings, - Miss Indiana USA 2007
“My husband and I love to travel and being the fanatic I am about my hair, I have had it done all over the world. It was on one of my many trips that I found Robert. That was 12 years ago and I still drive six hours to have him color my hair. Robert maintains the blonde color I was born with and my hair is actually shinier and in better condition after he is done with the color…he is the best!”
Ann Henrich, Southern Indiana - Miss Indiana USA's Mom
“Robert’s approach to hair color and styling is fresh and innovative. He has developed several distinctive looks for me…ones that have worked really well with my natural hair tendencies and overall style. I routinely receive unsolicited compliments on my hair, which is something that never happened before I went to Robert Lucas!”
Patrice Powers, Chicago, IL - Attorney
“You have to see my hair to believe it. The color is exceptional every time, and everyone thinks it’s my natural blonde. Not only does the color and cut look beautiful, but my hair always looks and feels healthier and shinier. If you’ve ever thought, “Gosh, I wonder if it’s time for a change,” do it. You’ll be thrilled you did. There’s a reason Robert is considered one of the country’s leading colorists.”
Marlena Miglin Egan, Chicago, IL - COO Marilyn Miglin L.P.
“Our mood each day is directly affected by how we feel about our hair. Robert has perfected “the art of coloring hair.” Both my daughter and I travel 100 miles for cut/color/highlights with Robert. Just to have the “peace of mind” and the reassurance that the result will be perfect makes it worth the trip. We are constantly stopped by people asking us where we get our hair done. On a recent trip to Italy, I was stopped by two local hair stylists wanting to examine both my color and cut.”
Gail March, St. Charles, IL - Sales - St. John's Specialist
“If you want the best color ever, go see Robert Harty of Robert Lucas Studio! I started with Robert over 16 years ago when he was at Oak & Rush and got a great natural-looking red color and fantastic short style every time. Nine years ago I moved away and tried salons in San Francisco, L.A., Las Vegas, Seattle, Denver, and Dallas without great success. This year, I moved back to Chicago and was so thrilled when I found him again. Whether you know just what you want, or don’t have a clue, Robert will give the best.”
Deb Burton, Chicago, IL - Consultant
“I have enjoyed being a client of the Robert Lucas Studio for almost 20 years. I love the warm and friendly atmosphere plus the work they do. I enjoy the compliments I get on a regular basis about my haircut and shiny red color. They are absolutely terrific.”
Cindy Wolken, Long Grove, IL
“I first met Robert about 20 years ago, just after watching his appearance on the Oprah Show. Ever since then, I have been continually impressed with Robert’s talent in providing stylish trendy haircuts along with expert coloring services. I truly value his expertise and advise on color care and manageability of my hair. Not only does he do a wonderful job coloring and styling my hair, but he educates me about the products used and how to accomplish “the look” at home. Unlike anyone else, Robert has the ability and dedication to making sure it always looks my very best!”
Donna Nichols, Western Springs, IL - Teacher
“I read about Robert in InStyle Magazine a couple of years ago and have been coming to him ever since. I love change, something trendy, and shades of red and Robert never disappoints.”
Stacy Purcell, Chicago, IL
“I always plan my trips to Chicago around an appointment with Robert for hair color. Living in L.A., you would think you could find hot hair color, but not like you can at Robert Lucas in Chicago.”
Veronica Campbell, Los Angeles, CA
“I heard about the “famous Robert” from my best friend Emily for years before I moved to Chicago. I love the fact the Robert always knows what I want before I know. For the past five years, my hair is not on my list of things to ever worry about. I leave his studio feeling like a million bucks. Professional, fun and prompt; the best there is. The day he retires is the day I go grey.”
Lucy Hess, Chicago, IL - Fitness Instructor
“Robert Lucas is an artist who has the ability to personalize the color and haircut to fit the individual client. He creates a style that can be reinvented as needed or desired throughout the 25 years I have been a client. I always feel my hair is “handled” and “in style” because of Robert. I have never been disappointed in Robert’s suggestions and guidance. I feel so fortunate to have that trust with a creative stylist. As an artist who also teaches children, I want a style that is artistic, friendly and special to my personality. I spend a lot of time in Europe so I want to be fashionable there as well. I am always happy to direct people to Robert because I have full confidence in his outstanding abilities.”
Beverly Fieldmann, Arlington Heights, IL - Artist & Teacher
“For the past 15 years I have been a client at Robert Lucas Studio. I came there with one goal in mind—to maintain my natural dark brown hair color despite the fact that my hair was becoming grey. Fifteen years later I have maintained my natural hair color. I think the most impressive statement I can make is that in all of this time, not one person has ever asked if I color my hair. In fact, when I mention that I am almost entirely grey now, people are shocked! Thanks, Robert.”
Sharon V. Kramer, Ph.D., Chicago, IL
“Having been a consistent client of Robert Lucas over the past two decades, I have followed him from location to location in order to have the best hair stylist/colorist in Chicago. I have witnessed client to client emerging with their own individual unique and personally flattering cut and color. My color over the years remains unknown to the public, as Robert provides a natural, shiny, deep coloring technique that erases years and enhances my natural hair and skin coloring. I am repeatedly noticed and asked on the streets of Chicago who does my hair. Robert Lucas deserves the accolades, and I am grateful for his integrity, exceptional talent, individuality and authenticity in his work.”
Mary C. Pappas, Chicago, IL - Psychotherapist
“I have been a client of Robert’s since he began doing hair over 20 years ago. I have been stopped at the airport, in elevators, on the street, on the bus, and in my car by people wanting to know where I got such a great cut. “Can I take your picture?” “Can I have the name of whoever does your hair?” As I get older, the compliments keep coming and the question is, “do you color your hair, it’s so natural, so becoming?” I love having trust in one guy who is able to make me feel so good about the way I look. 
Pattie Gerbie, Chicago, IL
“Robert is clearly amongst the best in his business. After years of inconsistent hair color from other hair colorists, Robert has given me the stunning, shiny blonde hair color of my dreams. I truly found the master.”
Dr. Sharon Laviolette, Northern, IL - Principal
“I read about Robert in the Sunday Chicago Tribune Magazine and decided to make an appointment. I have been a client of Robert Lucas for the past 10 years. My hair color is a beautiful shade of auburn. Red is very challenging for colorists, and I was fearful to let anyone touch it as grey started to appear. Not only did he revive my fading color, but also created the perfect sleek style for my curly, frizzy hair. My hair is in wonderful condition now and allows me to style it at home easily. I have never been disappointed with any of the many styles I have tried over the years. People frequently stop me to compliment me and ask me the name of my stylist. I love him so much!”
Donna Marrese, Glenview, IL - Education
“For over 15 years, Robert Harty has colored and cut my hair. I still get compliments on both. What I appreciate most is Robert’s attention to my particular needs. He regularly assesses the best techniques and changes for my color and cut. I hope to be his client for the next 15 years.”
Maxine Lange, Evanston, IL
“Robert Harty has been my colorist for 15 years. I am so pleased to see my hair color keeping me young and stylish. Looking in a mirror after getting my color puts a smile on my face. If you too want to feel that, see Robert for a cut and color. 
Myrna Lord, Chicago, IL
“I have been going to Robert for 20 years. That is testimonial in itself! When I first saw Robert, I had a grey streak in the front. Now my hair is white all over but nobody knows because it is a warm brown. I get compliments on my hair all the time and have referred many friends who are also loyal customers.”
Jo Lieif, Chicago, IL - Therapist
“Over the years, gravity and wrinkles may have taken their toll, but one thing that hasn’t changed is that I get so many compliments about my hair—thanks to Robert! I’ll tell you the secret to having great-looking hair: work with true professionals who also happen to be artists, and trust them to help you find your “look”. You will not be disappointed!”
Mary Carolan, Lake Forest, IL - Senor Vice President
“I have been going to Robert for at least 25 years. This is obviously because he is the best. Not a week goes by when I don’t receive at least one compliment on my hair. The color has always been natural looking and never overly done. Robert always offers guidance as to the right look and color. Hair is one of women’s most important features and I would not trust anyone but Robert with mine.”
Debra Marcus, Chicago, IL - Attorney
“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Robert and his staff at Robert Lucas. Robert gives the greatest hair. He also takes the time to ask questions; he’s the best! I know that I can trust Robert’s opinion.”
Pam Spero, Chicago, IL - Account Executive
“I have been following Robert for 22 years. Need I say more? I have shoulder length hair that is not the most cooperative, yet somehow, Robert has changed all that! It is thick, curly and coarse, but somehow, Robert has worked his magic and it is now shiny, lustrous, and straight to wavy, depending on the day. What I love most is my color. It is completely natural looking. What I love more is that EVERY time I go into the city for cut or color, Robert makes adjustments. Color is not about following a “formula” for him; it is an art form. The added benefit…I adore him!!!”
Suzie R., Highland Park, IL
“One visit to Robert Lucas Studio and you’ll know why it’s worth the 2 1/2 hour commute to get there! The setting is serene and professional; the staff professional and friendly—each visit is like a mini-retreat away from the pressures of the day. Robert is a genius. The cut and color is phenomenal—I am constantly stopped and asked where I have my hair done. I’m sure it’s spawned more than a few more interstate customers.”
Kathe Crowley Conn, Madison, WI - President - ALNC
“The only thing in life that we can truly count on is change. Change is not easy for me, so it is wonderful that one of the things that I can consistently count on NOT changing is my hair always looking great. Robert Lucas as been my hair stylist for over 20 years. Yes, my hair has changed color as well as style, but I am always confident that when I enter Robert’s studio, I will be totally satisfied when I leave. When I sit down in Robert’s chair, the first question he asks is “How have you liked your hair?” We talk for a few minutes about color and cut, and then I leave myself in his hands. I am always complimented on the style and color of my hair. My hair is extremely curly and completely grey, so it is quite the challenge, but Robert has helped me manage my curly hair even between visits. Of course, a great haircut helps! While many of my friends are always complaining about their hair, I am totally confident about mine. I know Robert works very hard to bring his clients the latest and most up-to-date trends and products, yet always fitting their lifestyles. I would never trust anyone else with my cut and color, so I am counting on Robert Lucas Studio to be in business for many years to come. Thanks, Robert, for everything!”
Joan Kuhn, Highland Park, IL
“I’ll always remember the night I saw my first Robert haircut: It in 1989 at a party in—and across a crowded room, I zigged and zagged my way to a woman with the best-hair-ever. Hair I wanted…short and sharp. Within a week I was sitting in Robert’s chair where, with characteristic precision and panache, he gave me my own best-hair-ever. Not a duplicate of the woman’s whose hair turned by head. Since then—through thick and short (and not-quite-so-short)—I’ve never had a bad hair day. In fact, I’m the one who turns heads. In town and in other cities, strangers have stopped me to ask WHO cuts my hair. Robert. (And though he’s famous for his color, he has a special way to make gray shine, too.) He’s a true professional in the way he runs his salon: No waiting. (No being late, either.) Everything runs efficiently. And he’s just the best guy around. I always look forward to my time in his chair.”
Kathy Kastilahn, Evanston, IL - Editor and Writer
“I have ultimate trust in Robert. When I sit in his chair he always begins by asking how I enjoyed the last color/ cut. He is the ultimate professional – but also the ultimate ‘listener’ and trusted confident. Whenever he suggests ‘something new’ he asks me; I always respond: “I trust whatever you do because it always turns out well”. Because it always does.”
Sandy Rubovits, Evanston, IL